Shadow Effect Services

What is shadow effect to images:

Shadow creation service is essential for looking an object/product natural view on the surface. When is creating a gray or black shape that matches the shape of the subject of the photo. There is softening the edges of the gray or black shape from the object/product. This effect makes the shadow look more realistic and natural.

The direction from and angle at which the light is shining must also be consistent, especially when you’re creating multiple shadows in the same image. Keep in mind that the color of the shadow itself may need to be altered too. This is because shadows are darker when the light is closer to an object, and lighter when there is more distance between the light and the object.

These shadows show relation between the object and the background, whether the background is digitally added or not. The result is a more natural-looking and appealing image that allows your product to shine. This, in turn, can make customers more likely to buy your products.

Today’s consumers demand quality. So we provide our services on the quality of the finished product — no matter how many images you need edited. We are giving this service on reasonable price and the basic price for each image but price mainly depends on image complexity. We are giving special discount for bulk images. We are happy to offer you for making some idea about our quality we provide. Free Trial-2 image.

Types of shadow effect:

*Drop shadow: Drop shadow makes the object look as though it is slightly raised above the background, almost floating. Sometimes, this also gives the object a faint glow. This technique is often used by ecommerce retailers to display online product photos.

*Natural shadow: Natural shadow is when an image is edited to create the natural visual effect that the object has cast a shadow on the background. The photo editor can choose where the imaginative light is coming from and cast the shadow accordingly. This makes the object appear to be natural sitting on a surface.

*Existing shadow or cast shadow: Sometimes, you’ll have a photo that has natural shadows in it, but you need to edit it and create a different background. In these cases, you can preserve the naturally occurring shadow with the correct levels of opacity and transparency. In some instances, you’ll need to recreate the original shadow by hand.

*Floating shadow: Floating shadow and floating reflections are another type of shadow effect. This is used when you want to create a shadow for an object that isn’t on solid ground or appears to be floating in space, or when you have a shadow cast over a hole. This commonly used on ecommerce product photos, along with a white background. It’s important to do this well, because floating shadows and reflections can look unnatural and obviously edited when done poorly.

Mirror Effect or Reflections Shadow:
Reflection is the reflect of product. When a product/element put on a mirror/glass then we see in the glass showing reflect as like the main product that is called reflection.

How we guarantee 100% accurate quality Service provide to our customer ?

At, all professional designers are trained in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator software, specially in image editing services. Most of our designers also studied at Graphic Arts Institute, the only government institute in the country of Bangladesh. They are teaching graphic design and printing technology. To ensure keep our quality service providing always at the top, we are working a team of high experienced image editors. Since we are expanding our business, we have a training center where increasing experienced and our quality developed purpose. When we are 100% confirm that designer from there is now qualified 100% enough, we get him/her involved into the production works. We also have triple checked quality control system. First of all, we have got team leaders about 10 years experienced who is monitoring always DTP professionals on how they are working. We have also a team of quality controller who check all images one by one and finally goes to Production in-charge who check for the finally before uploading images to the customers.

Turnaround Time

The quick and quality service is affordable and bulk work also is done in quick time. We are 100% follow the turnaround time commitment. This is just one trick which is based on the simple truth of image services. Just send us your images and get back to focusing on your business — we’ll deliver high-quality image editing services quickly and affordably. Feel free to contact our customer support team for more detail. Free Trial-2 image.